The riveting finale documenting the process (loosely) of creating a configurable color picker in Episerver. This part deals with getting color palette definitions from a config file, creating a custom property and wrapping everything up.

This blog post is the first in a two-parter looking into creating a color picker for Episerver that is configurable and suitable for a multi-site setup. This part essentially sets out to explain the approach and goals, then covers the Dojo front-end piece.

Not exactly a catchy clickbait title but this post looks at enabling the "View on website" link when content doesn't have a template. To do this it examines registering a simple IModelTransform and briefly looks at how this works.

Probably a bit of a niche subject but if you've ever wanted a nested hierarchical facet in Episerver Find this is for you! It builds on the existing HierarchicalFacet2Find code and adds support for nested fields.

Imagine that you have two different nodes in your Episerver Commerce catalog and you want these to be routed to different specifiable URLs within the site. This post looks at how this can be achieved by overriding only two HierarchicalCatalogPartialRouter methods.