This post deals with limiting the number of words an editor can enter in a TinyMCE rich-text editor with the aim of doing the minimum amount of Dojo customization possible (which is none).

A quick run-through of how you can validate image aspect ratios in Episerver, functionality you probably never knew you needed...until now.

Changing the order of the default tabs in Episerver CMS is simple, however, reordering the Commerce tabs is a little trickier. This blog post examines why this is, as well as explaining a possible solution.

Entering a group name for Episerver Commerce media is normally a case of editors typing one in, this means (amongst other things) that the available options aren't always obvious. This blog post explains changing that text field into a dropdown as simply as possible.

A brisk guide to resolving related content in Episerver based purely on categories using Episerver Find.