When a Url or ContentReference is used in a PropertyList the editor sees this as a ContentReference ID or unfriendly permanent URL. With a little Dojo magic we can use a custom formatter to show the editor a friendly URL!

Customizing the editor UI for a content type is achieved via the UIDescriptor class and this easily covers most scenarios. However, what about if you want available or default views to be restricted based upon a user's roles?

Configuring TinyMCE in Episerver has never been easier, but I recently ran into an edge case when trying to customize it in the context of a PropertyList. This post explores why you can't use the initialization module approach in the scenario and gives a solution.

Have you ever needed to have a list orderable by editors in Episerver? Ok, maybe not. Regardless, I think it's a scenario that comes up fairly frequently and this post looks at my solution — which involves a custom Dojo widget.

There are times when it's necessary to get the full Order Group from an Order Form, Shipment or Line Item in Episerver. Using tax calculation as the situation here we look at one possible solution to this problem.