Changing the order of the default tabs in Episerver CMS is simple, however, reordering the Commerce tabs is a little trickier. This blog post examines why this is, as well as explaining a possible solution.

Entering a group name for Episerver Commerce media is normally a case of editors typing one in, this means (amongst other things) that the available options aren't always obvious. This blog post explains changing that text field into a dropdown as simply as possible.

A quick look at extending a Dojo component in Episerver through a simple time zone auto-suggestion drop-down where we use the JavaScript Internationalization API to pre-select the user's local time automatically.

There is no out-of-the-box way of exporting the Episerver Find statistics, but this blog post provides a solution! It gives an overview of how to create a custom report in Episerver which outputs the aforementioned statistics to an Excel file.